reading group notes page

reading group ’22 notes to be posted here

next meetup

probably august


current material:

dawn of everything – graeber/wengrow

chapters 6 +7?


past material


the jakarta method: washington’s anticommunist crusade and the mass murder program – vincent bevins



“an indigenous people’s history of the united states”



future material and suggestions:

black marxism

the right to be lazy

the eclipse and reemergence of communization

bullshit jobs


carceral capitalism – jackie wang

hammer and hoe

ministry for the future

surveillance valley

caliban and the witch – silvia federici

annihilation – jeff vandermeer


excerpt suggestions:

new dark age – james bridle

beautiful data – orit halpern

fatal strategies – jean baudrillard

the transparency of evil – ” ” ”

the system of objects – ” ” ” “…

the fall of public man – richard sennett

the persistence of the negative – benjamin noys