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have some candy

its been a hard knock life, have some candy every1,


not tryin 2 blow my load here theres so much more and it will be available for ur wet lobe soon enough conrad

cool down

on the menu

another can o spam

consolation prize volume 4 now up on zines page



u.s. abortion laws by state





handout of abortion facts

handoutable sheet of self defensible facts. feel free 2 edit n pass around



newey stuff


gunnhild has made 2 new tape and a diagram 2 xplain the rainbow flag 4u and they are UP THERE

i have made a new tape and its better than the last 3 imade

also about 2 deliv

  • cpriz volume 4
  • a surprize zine
  • some baffling images

oh just kidding we all got heatsroke bye werld

hot pontch