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national hurricane center self explanitory

hurricane harbor a weather blog i like

mike’s weather page a useful weather site


actually important

https://praleski.org/  solidarity with ukraine

U.S. abortion laws by state


antipsychiatry NO apologies

mad in america

antipsychiatry coalition (seems no longer updated but got links up there)

hearing voices network USA’s links and resources page

suicide watch subreddit seems to be the only remaining non psychiatric forum for this



blanch dressin’ Warning: No Regrets a short album by the cultural icon and contributor blanch

jules bentley an affiliate and contributor to cf-ef

human error (2018) a movie i wrote and co-directed

radio quarantine – a podcast my daughter, SuperPony, is involved in

anticedent – a dormant blog by contributor hrut

parking ticket abolition party zine – a very nice publication co-edited by gunnnhild

dean’s fixer upper – repair videos

farsillgo  – contributor nelles newest mix/soundcloud


zines and writing sites (to be expanded)

ill will editions

haters cafe



downloads, printables

*NEW*  abortion defense information sheet

which police reforms wont work

police replacement prompts

recycling minder

covid precautions worksheet



horrible vacuum – ‘word movies’

britneyhd – (beware popup ads) an obviously AI authored recipe website w mouthwatering results

engrish – syntax humor aggregate

the onion – most accurate US news

walking eagle news – fine journalism

michelle lyons – goldmine of videos n music

wasp video roadhouse – more videos n music i like

dasharez0ne – syntax master

ace attourney court bot  – inspirational tweeter

free crochet patterns – broke ur leg?

and it’s electronic beowulf for thine bedward fudgel