reviews of CF-EF

even more praise for cf:ef issues 23-41


“They fucking rule … they are basically the antithesis of this bland ass MFA bullshit writing.”

-Tan Pig Industries in exile


“This work will illustrate once again to us the axiom: Nobody wants it til everybody wants it…”

– Broadcaster of the Warlock Channel


“Too big to fail!”

– Anonymous


“Watch out or you’ll become a superfan.”

– Ragnar Ryth


“I laughed myself into a real fit one time when I was coming down off acid and looked at the back of one of these zines. I was like, this is really fucking funny. The collage work was perfect and just got me. ”

– Blanch Dressing


“If we dig thru all of it and find that there’s just one thing we can hold onto here, it’s that we are, at the very least ,not bullshitting ourselves…”

– Ragnar Bell



– SuperPony


“Provocative, but addicting. ”

– A Rival Publication


“11 million hoskulds cant be wrong.”

– A Word From Our Sponsors


“The made-up science in particular is really orginal yet grounded in sophisticated philosophy.”

– A Dead Cowboy


“[hoskuld] really needs to write more music reviews, being on top of everything else one of my actual favorite music critics– really good at it–no one seems to realize this.”

– Gunnhild



– Jeff Joseph Billingsgate


“hoskuld of “compulsories” isn’t v online but has for years been one of new orleans’ best-kept secrets. i have no use for “genius” as a concept but it’s a factual description of hoskuld & i enjoy using the word to describe them bc doing so makes strivers’ faces harden in jealousy”

– Conrad Shipyard




praise for cf-ef #16 – #30


“The only aesthetically interesting or adventurous piece of print media available right now.”

– Jean Etal


“What a majestic indictment! ‘Caution: genius at work’ is unironically 100% accurate. I honestly expected more despair since clearly the author was in hell when it was written, but it reads unmistakeably as coming from a position of strength.”

– Charlatan’s Charlatan


“The author still has real serious problems with production quality, related to a deep seated neurotic fear of success.”

– Ragnar Ryth


“Boring book stuff!”

– SuperPony


“Scary brilliant, brimming with ideas, magnificent, just keeps on going and going, to the point that first you start to wonder and after a while you can definitely see that something’s up–in fact, we believe it’s a demonic contract, but have yet to identify the demon.”

– Nord Sanders


“Surprisingly disciplined, not something to be taken for granted. [This series is] a masterful venture into plagiarism, and also collage, which is not very popular anymore.”

-J. Legit


“Umm, first of all the aesthetics are really great, they are not sloppy they’re on point. In the broader world away from the shitty hipsters of the author’s home scene, there is absolutely room for and desire for this work. Speaks to the human condition really: dumb bros telling you you’re dumb.”

– Gunnhild of Mold Holl


“Endearing, lovable, innocent, winning.”

– KLITZ-69


“I feel personally attacked.”







“It’s only become more evident with each subsequent issue that the author [of CF:EF] really doesn’t care about the reader…”

– Heraldes Valencia, The New School


“So fucking good, like holy fucking shit, it’s like the best shit ever, holy fuck.”

– Executive Chair, Focus On The Issues


“For the first few issues I thought, what the fuck is this shit? Just a bunch of fucking shitty zine stuff! But, after that last issue [22] I finally figured out how to read them…. it doesn’t demand close reading nor does it allow you to flip through. It’s at a certain proximity that forces you to keep readjusting your focus…”

– Malabar Flagstaff, Flash Mob president 2013



– Voluntarily Deposed Fulcrum of Deslonde


“Mediocre, cowardly, frumpy, and sloppy, this author is undoubtedly hiding from professional rejection and failure in an imaginary “scene”. I have to ask: do you edit your writing? How long does it take you to write each piece, 20 minutes? Do you get any feedback? If you’re ‘collaborating,’ do you ever accept criticism? Are you actually just drunk when you write these?“

– Dr. Zen Spinoza, PhD


“Super good writing, the formatting is utterly fucked tho and somebody else should be in charge of it.”

– T. Rashley, Fashion Historian


“And the humor. My god! The humor.”

– J. Legit


“Am I in it?”