blackwater psychic

blackwater psychic

  ‘blackwater psychic’ written in 2018 with Becca, new version i just made, minus vocal

Master Of Craft

Master Of Craft

written 2018 as collaboration w my brilliant friend Becca, but never recorded, here is a new version

bitch u shoulda came home

i took my sweater off i put my sweater in the front room the proto meetinghall lib sat down on the floor took out a cold busch [years later when i spelled out th B U S C H acronym joke 2 my nemesis,it bein one of my actual lil treasures 2 shsare @ the […]

u like this story

or just bein polite?

crushed glass

i heard someone cough. i turned around. there were no people in sight. i listened. all i heard was traffic and wind. 50-50 it could have been my imagination. i walked faster with the bulky stuff in my hands. the sun was setting on one of the darkest corners of the neighborhood. a huge patch […]


my interface was glitching out. i struggled to make it work with the remaining buttons. my phone beeped. i looked at my phone. “heyy its how are you doing ? wwant to hang out later ? ?” “sure thing!” i punched in immediately . one more time i had to fake remember guess who was […]