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paint ur nails, crone

nouveau witch my skin crawlz in ur house sit its th WORSt style

the real thing

my daughters startin 2 question me isaid like she wants to go all out she wants ‘th real thing’ fr example she wants us 2 hav a christmas tree and shewants a real stocking n not “….A Sock?” u askd

bitch u shoulda came home

i took my sweater off i put my sweater in the front room the proto meetinghall lib sat down on the floor took out a cold busch [years later when i spelled out th B U S C H acronym joke 2 my nemesis,it bein one of my actual lil treasures 2 shsare @ the […]


the orange rose in the house for the 1st time climb it up the wall i slip down in2 th sedan next2 sashas pink sweater rememberin tmrw a blue way 2 awaken and 1not LED lites none of that it wont help me 2 control anythin an yet i notice it every nite: hyper links