what does it mean


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Sadly the song is about a pack of fags, who thought they liked girls, but did no… So they set out for the frozen tundra to have a good time, equipped with a bunch of electric blanket… So they could cuddle in the nude and have a good time… Sadly they did not realize there was no electricity, and they all froze to death… Lau dee dah!

Actually georgia eas not a state but s temporary part of russia st the time. They were independant before that and regained independace in ’91. Its a seperate country with a completely different language

First of all, Republic of Georgia was former USSR country and NOT Russian province (Thanks to God). Georgia was occupied in the beginning of 20th century by Russia revolutionaries and country was forced to join USSR. Georgia has nothing to do with Russia.
The original lyrics are about US state but The Beathles used to refer to Republic of Georgia.


This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway

The words just sounded good for a great hook,
its that simple!

Now this is stupid. This was written twenty years before the end of the Iron Curtain and in the middle of the Cold War. read a history.

I will sound like a crazy person but. Back in the USSR is a Bowie parody to the Beatles (back in the USA). This is a parody to the surfer sound stuff- Beach Boys music.

I think that this song probably has something to do with women’s suffrage. I think that the “Henry” referred to may be Henry B. Blackwell, a huge Women’s Suffrage activist. You can figure out the rest.

I heard it was about Rochester, NY, where susan b anthony was from. A “Suffragette” who wanted womens vote, and he was arrested for marijuana possession, and “cant afford the ticket”


s it possible Bowie DID write the song “Suffragette City” about his future experiences in Rochester, NY but didn’t know it yet or maybe the people in Rochester were waiting for him to play there so they could…make it come true??? Weird. The song does smack of Rochester and it seems hard to believe it was written four years earlier in 1972. Strange indeed. Great tune! Thanks, Mr. Bowie.

This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway

I’m surprised no one mentioned S&M. If you look at it from that angle, a lot of the words make sense.

I think its a Pastiche of the Beach-Boys but trying to send the opposite message(The Beach-Boys as “All American”etc).I heard paul plays all instruments including drums on this one(he and Ringo had a ding-dong and Ringo stormed out),with the others singing harmony.Also on close listen to it i`m sure he`s alternating the line “Im back in the USSR” with “Im Backing the USSR”.I think it was altered to hide its Political content(Such a statement may have not gone down too well in the US).Both he and Lennon were supporters of Chairman Mao at one time or another.I don`t know if these sentiments of Paul`s are genuine or they are supposed to be ironic.I think its a Pro-Communist Anthem and regardless of if you are a Communist or not,its a Masterpeice.