a gold ring

i pocketed from the hinge of the busted shed floatin on the water where i locked my bike an tossed a pile of some moldy insulation slabs green-brown slime an white drywall crumbles neath which 2 hide it clumsily

when would i get to leave again on that busted bike: big weather coming up and a host like this creep a host w a sinister backstory a host why would i visit him now when the sky got dense whether old or young the slime could not b neutralized

did u take somethin of mine

he askd

bubby red wine “penecillin cola” in a can

without askin i knew it was more fun 2 lie

blue lite hit the arch of the bridges brown water lap the rotten wood posts underneath wind loud enough 2 drown loud enough 2 drown out lappin g waves of disgust

do u have somethin of mine

a gold ring i pocketed from the hinge of his house and something worse was bein obtained from me never 2 disclose an itchy mold smell in the cushions @ the center ofthe range of all the mans wealth all the breezy escapes all the bridges made impassible by hi wind

knock over th dented aluminum mast of his ship in a hi wind