teaser 4 consopriz volume 2,coming s00n

whales in pools

r gonna rip off my armz
recallin of what ppl lookin liek me rippd
off their Frontal Lobe or w/e


touch my clammyskin n w ur huge eyes whoshine
whisper 2 me in hifi

b4 iscream
i hear u scream u screamd 1st    u screamd kilometerz u screamin decade

nfact my mouth s not so diff from yrs–wrinkld inside
when iopen mymouth ialso have teeth n biteflesh
ialso bite off life

now we cn sing 2gether bc

n when u end my lief when urip off my armz in terror
my screams r a song 2




i fell over laughing

becuz of his yoga poses

stretch this way he said stretch like that

i bcame a snail
i curled gasping in2 my crushed shell i condensed
fell 2 th floor in prayer begged th world for mercy
mercy for this moment itl kill me it hurts im curling please god god

that fool w his exposed armpits was goin 2 kill me thisway

please god spare my life im dying i collapsd in2 the junkshed
sum1 saw me from th steps andalways sees me fallin 2 th ground

Oh it rly got u huh i heard from a distance as myvision wentdark & i begged god

i will pray everyday if u just spare me

that mans yogaposes