i asked rita. “how come? why?” “becuz u crazy,” she sang

demonic qualities

time is on my side u might say its not but it is

demonic contracts

they r a dime a dozen sometimes ur the demon sometimes ur the dude

njal remained silent

  Njal remained silent while Gunnar told him everything. Then he spoke: ‘You must not let her have her way in everything.’ Gunnar said, ‘You make the judgement yourself.’ Njal said, ‘It’s going to be hard for you to atone for all of Hallgerd’s misdoings, and another time the effects will be greater than now, […]

my happiness

  starts as a sparkle on the torn up inner side of my mouth where my misaligned tooth bites the cheek a bit of a pinch of a soreness of a moist callus and from here it opens me up its born once in the sunshine on the remote island its born a second time […]

when u ask me

  after all what the fuck s the matter wit u ? its that im havin problems w my eraserhead its not doin its job i can still hear classic rock block the fuckin beatles