clown college

“damn. what did you do?”

“cried a lot. for hours and hours every day, from the moment i woke up and until i was asleep, pretty much.”

“like, silent tears?”

“a lot of that, but a lot of sobbing, too. all different styles.”

“how did you get anything done?”

“i had to take breaks, of course.”

“to do other stuff?”

“to cry. i would go into the bathroom at the same time every monday and wednesday, for example. for 20 minutes or half an hour at a time.”

“you could get away with that?”

“class was 3 hours long. anyway, that was my favorite one because my class was at the same time and in the same building as the clown class.”

“so the hallways were full of clowns?”

“no, just the bathroom, where i was crying. it was crammed with clowns, putting on makeup as a group.”